How do I Meditate? How are you feeling? Begin now…

How to meditate is best understood through doing it. Asking how do i meditate and pursuing the answer can be a big step towards coming into synchronous balance: where you are, where people close to you are, where the world is. Begin immediately with our free guided meditations. These are first steps in finding a meditation practice that suits you and your needs.

There is not just one way, one method. There is a method to suit you…

How do I meditate?

How do I meditate?

how do i meditate?

The free guided meditations are an introduction to the rich world of meditation that can be explored and experienced on how to meditate through downloads, silent retreats and dynamic encounters. The free meditation downloads are designed to be practiced sitting. The second and third downloads – “settling meditation” and “watching meditation” introduce universal principles for highly efficient meditation regardless of what type of practice you pursue. Efficient meditation does not have to be just sitting. We all have different capacities and tendencies. On how do i meditate you will find resources and opportunities to experience and practice meditation in many different forms such as walking, while exercising, lying down, standing  and during interaction.

Gradually Become More Efficient

Our aim is to support you in your search for an efficient programme that can be integrated into your life without making unreasonable demands upon your belief systems or lifestyle. If you seek a high impact experience, our ‘encounters’ (coming soon) will give you that experience with the strategy and material. Gradually, if you follow the programmes that we offer – either on line courses, how to meditate, downloadable meditations, discourses, videos, retreats or encounters, you will find that you have all the resources you need. We lend you our experience, you make use of your attention, your consciousness and your determination. Small efforts can build a significant foundation. You can be successful, you can be happy, your life can come into synchronous balance.

Everything and anything can help us come into synchronous balance. As twenty first century people, we find it harder to recognise how we can come into balance with what is already around us.

If you feel isolated, dissatisfied, confused, if your life feels meaningless or without direction, balance, harmony or happiness, then meditation in all its rich variety may help you more profoundly than you can imagine.

how to meditate asks the same question that has always been asked: how to bring online, access and retain a harmonious relationship with where we are while bringing online our innate higher intelligence, the intelligence that all organic life shares, not limited by personal views, past memories or conditions. Your innate natural intelligence is the doorway to significant balance – you already have it, it is already functioning but obstructed. The free downloads are one doorway. Make small efforts and they may lead you to an unlimited world. May you be successful.

how do i meditate if i feel isolated?

Meditation seems to be an isolated practice, undertaken alone. On how do i meditate we offer different ways to reduce feelings of isolation. Undertaking any of the how to i meditate retreats is the most direct way to reduce your feelings of isolation. You will experience directly the support that meditation can give you. Alternatively, follow the guided audios regularly making use of our suggested strategies. Everyone who practices meditation encounters similar problems. The three week home studies course is designed to help us better understand the reasons we feel isolated and provides some of the remedies as well as providing guidance and supervision through the course. One of our key phrases on how do i meditate is that meditation helps you participate in life.

how do i meditate if i feel dissatisfied?

To deal with dissatisfaction we propose using remedies rather than looking at causes. If you progress through the free guided audios and onto the first three meditations of the second series, you will have a very good foundation for establishing the remedy against dissatisfaction.

how do i meditate if i feel disconnected?

A sense of disorientation and disconnectedness is not uncommon. The first proposal of how to meditate is to make contact with the physical body. You will see that on the second series of guided audios there is increasing attention paid to meditations on the physical body. The body is our most faithful and accurate guide, playground and field of exploration. A really significant introduction on how to meditate to remove feelings of disconnectedness is provided in the long weekend retreatsstop step back’ ‘just be still’ and the walking meditation retreats.

how do i meditate if i feel energetically drained?

Low energy is best addressed through learning how to support the body’s natural recharging mechanism – the parasympathetic nervous system. If you follow the guided audios, there is a good chance that your parasympathetic nervous system will begin to come online during your meditation practice. The more you abandon yourself to the guided meditation and allow the process to happen naturally, the deeper you will feel nourished. It is not a quick fix, but if you get a glimpse, you will feel encouraged to continue. The deepest and most complete introduction to dealing with being energetically drained is to undertake the 10 day retreat ‘eight bodies of being’ (coming soon) which works specifically on the nervous system’s connection with the breath and body rhythms.

how do i meditate if i feel emotionally drained or out of balance?

Read about the benefits of meditation. In those sections you find the metaphor of the horse, carriage and driver. It provides a very good introduction to how we might approach our emotions and their links with other body systems. If the metaphor appeals to you and you wish to explore more deeply the practical applications of this metaphor in and during meditation the short retreat ‘horse carriage and driver’ will provide the foundation for a lifelong remedy. You may also find the guided audio ‘watching meditation’ to be particularly helpful.

how do i meditate if i feel confused?

Confusion and lack of clarity, particularly in our ordinary decision making process is one of the main targets of meditation. Beginning to gently direct the mind and intent and continuing to do so with increasing ease has a positive effect on decision making. The simplicity of meditation helps clear the mind. Present moment awareness and silent awareness are two methods that can provide incredible results. Be patient. Follow these meditations consistently and you will be successful.

how do i meditate if i feel my life lacks direction or meaning?

It is the question that all mystical practices including meditation seeks to answer. Instant access to what we want does not provide the meaning we really seek. More and more people are turning to meditation to find direction and meaning in their lives. Any sustained practice of meditation will begin to answer the question. If you can get as far as sustaining you will have covered sufficient ground to make a really strong foundation. Remember, meditation does not necessarily offer instant results. For a really serious seeker who wishes to make a thorough investigation of how to better find your direction and the meaning so many of us seek, prepare for the ten day retreat eight bodies of being (coming soon). It is surprising to some, but meditation can be fun and on this retreat you will see how serious and consistent practice can be – and must be – accompanied by lightness and laughter.

how do i meditate if i have particular needs and life circumstances?

Apply for an individually designed personal programme. We offer a limited number of these programmes each month.

Meditation and Relaxation

Meditation and Relaxation are complementary processes. If you are relaxed you are better able to meditate, if you are progressing in your meditation you more than likely relaxed.

How to Sit in Meditation

How to sit in meditation is understandably a question often asked by beginners. Check the points of alignment or download a guided meditation to practice the posture.