How do i meditate – a beginners guide to meditation

How do i meditate – a beginners guide to meditation


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Free Guided

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Integrate not Separate

Life and meditation are not separate. Everything available here is directed towards helping you become you more efficient, more awake, brighter, happier, healthier. The goal is not to separate life from meditation, the goal is to wake up, to become more healthy, happier and have an experience based understanding where life and meditation are no longer separate.

All Traditions Contribute, None Control

Meditation is a welcome tonic for many people. On how do i meditate, you will find a variety of meditation techniques from a broad range of traditions. Meditation is not confined to sitting. You are awake standing, sitting, lying down, moving and interacting. These are five ways we function, there are meditation techniques for each of them.

Meditation will help you in your life and your life can help your meditation. When the two become virtually indistinguishable, you have arrived at a point in your work, in your life where the limitless potential of being human can be appreciated and realised.

True happiness can be found. True innate potential can be realised. These are rarely what we think when we begin.

Not Old, Not New

Meditation has been practiced for centuries. There is no one single method, tradition or culture of meditation. It has evolved yet many of the very earliest methods and traditions, some dating back as many as four thousand years, are still practiced and are as efficient as when they were first taught.

May You Be Successful

Our aim is to get you as quickly as possible to have one successful meditation. On that one success can be built considerable enthusiasm which will be a great support to you. Once you have tasted the benefits, you may be ready do go deeper, to go to sea rather than stay by the river.  On a retreat, you will have the opportunity to have several successful meditations that provide you with an increasingly stable foundation.

If you don’t get on with sitting, try another mode. Each different mode of meditation is a doorway. No one succeeded in meditation without determination. On how do i meditate, we urge you to make gentleness the companion of your determination. Modern life calls for much steel. A little softness goes a long way.

Unlimited Potential

Don’t be daunted. It is your journey. If your aim is to explore the furthest regions of space and consciousness, or to make your morning travel to work less stressful; if it is to understand or simply to smile; if it is to be happy or to learn to accept what is, how do i meditate will provide the map, the method and the support. It will help you prepare for the journey, support you as you undertake it and meet you when you arrive. May you be successful.